With a recent survey showing Londoners work three weeks a year more than the rest of the UK, the average employee can spend more time in the workplace than at home. That’s why, in 2018 companies are on a mission to provide an office environment that encourages happiness and motivation amongst their workers.

Looking to update your office? Here are 3 of 2018’s leading trends to get you started:

Go Green

From rooftop gardens to water features and bamboo wall dividers, going green is proving to be the most popular interior trend so far this year. It has been proven that being in the presence of nature is beneficial on many levels for staff to feel calm, creative, happier, and healthier.

Now companies are diving deeper than just interior design. Renewable energy sources, local food and drinks supplies, and bike and electric car rentals are just some of the current ways companies are going green.

Home Sweet Home

The home-away-from-home idea is what this office design idea is all about! If you want your office to feel like a second home for your employees, why not add a sleeping area, bar, lounge, TV or gaming room to the workplace?

This will create an environment that combines a good balance of comfort and functionality as well as increasing your employee’s happiness and motivation levels.

Collaborate Your Meeting Space

Collaborative spaces are a popular office design driven by millennials, as they tend to move away from their desks and prefer communal areas for brainstorming sessions or for less formal meetings.

This office design encourages collaboration, learning and strong culture. As well as enabling offices to make good use of their space.


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