Last week I met with Andrew, the founder of Noho’s latest florist; Leaf Lover. Despite only moving into their Ground Floor space a few weeks ago, the newly founded business is already making its mark at 42 Mortimer Street, London W1.

The property was easily spotted from a distance, thanks to the stylish black shop front and contrasting display of vibrant flowers that glistened in the sunlight.

Upon arrival I quickly found myself amongst admirers and customers. I was then greeted by Andrew who kindly took me on a tour and educated me on the various plants the shop has to offer.

Lastly, Andrew and I sat down to discuss what makes Noho such a desirable location for a brand such as Leaf Lover.


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  1. Can you tell me about Leaf Lover?

We are your new local flower and plant emporium. We supply a variety of fresh and beautiful flowers to hopefully brighten someone’s day…

  1. How long has Leaf Lover been based in Noho?

We have been in Noho for just under a month now! We can’t believe how quick it’s gone…

  1. Of all the places in London what made you choose Noho?

We felt that it is a wonderful area for creative businesses as well as having a close-knit resident community. By choosing Noho, we are successfully targeting multiple markets.

  1. Would you say your company has benefitted after locating here? If so, how?

We have certainly benefitted. The reception we have received from local offices and residents has been overwhelmingly positive and this is just the beginning!

  1. Could you describe Noho in 3 words?

Creative, cosmopolitan and classy.

  1. In your opinion, what is the best thing about Noho?

The welcoming community!