New week, new face: Let me introduce myself as Langham Estate’s new digital marketing assistant, my name is Chanelle.

The last week at Langham Estate has been a dive in the deep end, filled with a stacked viewing schedule, around a maze of the area. It’s been a great opportunity to start getting to know the estate and meeting a very friendly variety of new potential clients from all walks of life (and business). We’ve had everything from a prospective theatre production company, to yet another flexible working space expansion.

Whilst touring the units on offer it was interesting to hear an array of different creative ideas people had for the same spaces. I’ll be keeping a keen eye on the end results once the fitters and designers work their magic.

With the aid of google maps over the next few weeks, I’m looking forward to meeting our new and current tenants, finding out more about their vision in NoHo.

view of great portland street